Finished Object

A lot of light comes through this little side window.

During the day, it is wonderful. At night, not so much.

So I made a curtain, from stash.

There are three kinds of linen, a cotton-linen blend and some gauze left over from a Ren Faire costume from 10 years ago (good times!). It is foundation pieced onto some sheer cotton curtain fabric discarded by a retailer over a decade ago.

Yes, sometimes it takes a very long time to sort out what you want to use fabric for, and it sure is nice to have it on hand when that moment strikes.

This was slapped together. Shabby chic. 
Still vacuuming threads.
(cat grass optional)

It is made to be mobile, during the day it will hang on the wall to the left as a decoration.

Marley and I will sleep better tonight in a much darker bedroom*. (Behind me as I took this picture.)

From earlier:

(Her new favorite place to supervise my sewing)

*But I may get lost or walk into a wall on the way to the loo without all that light.

Finished! Charity Walk Outfit.

First, a confession. In my haste and excitement to provide photographic proof that I actually finish things, I posted a picture of myself in the tank and skirt I made from the batik.

This morning I took it back down because camera issues. Adding pounds. Stopping here.

So here is photographic proof without me shattering mirrors, curdling milk, and frightening little children.

A slight aside: My team registered early and got a goody bag full of excellent stuff (mostly dog so I gave it away to several folks at work). We also got t-shirts that we all loved.

It only took a few minutes for me to decide mine was way too big and boxy to leave that way.
T-Shirt Front Before.
T-Shirt Back Before.
In process. Note Vogue V8536 is involved in this story.
Another reason why: Note the original neck line, logo and bust point.
Finished Skirt!*
Finished T-Shirt Front.
Finished T-Shirt Back.

Finished T-Shirt Front Again.
T-Shirt and Skirt Front.
T-Shirt and Skirt Back.
If you are near Heather Farms Park tomorrow morning, you should be able to see me from a mile away. I will also be sporting a large white sun hat with...
this head band on it.

*There was too much me to make a tank dress from the 44" wide fabric, but I did get a skirt and a tank as separates.

I will be wearing both the tank and skirt with a blouse (made from the gauze using Kwik Sew 2927) and jacket (a modified jeans jacket**) to the company Bocce party in August.

I am actually mostly prepared months in advance this year.

**I will using an embellishment technique that I first saw on a long jeans skirt at a concert (Jean-Luc Ponte/Renaissance Red Rocks Park and according to the park's website) on August 3, 1977. I did a few versions of this, including the back of a jeans jacket, way back then. Now given the popularity of Natalie Chanin's work - it is high time to do it again. More on this as it develops! Promise!

Soon up

I am doing a charity walk next month. It is a ridiculously short walk (a whole mile) and the weather will probably be around 70 degrees (F), but could be closer to 80 degrees (F).

I am sure to be surrounded by jeans and t-shirts (this is California, after all) so I am going the opposite direction and wearing a dress.

I had planned on wearing casual pants in a wild print, but when I found a fabric that I LOVED and knew would work both in composition and color, alas, there was not enough yardage. But there is enough to make a maxi tank dress. Over it I will wear a very light blouse.

Dress fabric on left, blouse fabric on right.

The print is rayon and the solid 100% cotton.

I actually found this at the local Joann and it was on sale!

Sheerness test. This blouse will always require a tank underneath.
I bought the rayon batik fabric from Coyote Creek Fabrics on Etsy. Jane, the shop owner, sold me the end of the bolt at a very fair price. I found no damage on the fabric at all. I can't say that about several of the major  online fabric retailers that I have purchased from in the past.

The tank dress will be as simple as possible. I plan on using the tank pattern from the previous post and adding side slits for walking. I calculate that adding enough ease for my hips and slits no higher than my knees will allow an easy stride while maintaining decorum.

The blouse I have to work on. I originally envisioned a simple boho-type pullover to team with the pants:
But now I need something with waist definition or I am going to look like I am wearing a maternity top over a muumuu.

I want something with a high low peplum effect, but I will probably settle for something like this,
only with a button front and stand (think dashiki) collar and longer peplum.

This ensemble will also work for the company Bocce party later this summer. Again, my rebellious streak will flying in the face of jeans, t-shirts, chinos and polo's with brilliant aplomb. (Insert maniacal laugh here.)

~~~     ~~~     ~~~

In other news...

I have tried and tried and tried to get Pamela's Magic Pencil skirt to work for me, but I can't. I attribute it to the eleven-inch difference between my waist measurement and my hip measurement. That means way too much fabric at the waist if it is wide enough to fit over my hips.

I tried removing as much excess fabric as I could  - to the point that I could barely get the skirt over my hips - but it still looks too bunchy at the waist for my taste. They just look like pull on skirts. Despite the hourglass shape, they look matronly on my figure and just don't work for me.

This is a big boo-hoo because I was planning on using that pattern a lot for an upcoming capsule because it is blindingly simple to cut and make (even with adding pockets, a back seam and walking pleat).

On the plus side, I discovered that a 1-1/4 inch walking vent can be stitched closed into a pleat and I can still walk and run (yes, those late mornings to catch the bus) in it.

And another quick update:

Women are starting to ask me where I bought things that I have made. I read on someone's blog quite a while ago (so I am paraphrasing) that when you sew for yourself you go from "Did you make that?" (derisively) to "Did you make that?" (curiously) to "Where'd you get that?"

I don't feel like I have arrived there, but my peers are telling me that I have!

On the cutting table

Bright. Front (Left) and Back (Right)
Front. Oops. Upside down!
Front. That's better.
Pattern and what I changed.
Very helpful gift. THANKS YOSHIMI!!!!

An amazing video using familiar notions

Is this cool or what?
(Sounds like this band, or at least the singer, is into Filter...)

Ouch! and Yay!

So, yes I meant to post again this week before now, but hurt myself working out. Now the meds are kicking in and I can more or less function again. I won't post too many words as the pain makes me cranky and the meds make me rude.

This is something I have wanted for almost 10(!) years. It fits under the craft table! I am a happy camper (except for the ouch part).

Jewelry Making Table!

Stuff to play with!