On the cutting table

Bright. Front (Left) and Back (Right)
Front. Oops. Upside down!
Front. That's better.
Pattern and what I changed.
Very helpful gift. THANKS YOSHIMI!!!!

An amazing video using familiar notions

Is this cool or what?
(Sounds like this band, or at least the singer, is into Filter...)

Ouch! and Yay!

So, yes I meant to post again this week before now, but hurt myself working out. Now the meds are kicking in and I can more or less function again. I won't post too many words as the pain makes me cranky and the meds make me rude.

This is something I have wanted for almost 10(!) years. It fits under the craft table! I am a happy camper (except for the ouch part).

Jewelry Making Table!

Stuff to play with!

Now I can't say, "I never win anything" anymore!

 I won this from the supernaturally talented and unbearably adorable Yoshimi!

Marley is quite sure this part was for her.

Been sewing, not blogging

I will catch up later. In the meantime:

Something I am copying from a very old RTW skirt I have.

Infinity Scarf One

I have become obsessed with infinity scarves since finding this post.

I found the idea absolutely brilliant (and said so in the comments, but I still cannot comment on Wordpress blogs.)

But tonight while selecting my clothes for tomorrow, I remembered that I had made a scarf that could easily become an infinity scarf. I did not open any seams, just tunnel stitched the short ends together and VOILA!

This fabric is the last remains of some much loved rayon challis from the mid 90's. Most of it went into a kakebuton type quilt/comforter. I loved that quilt; I hand tied it and these are my favourite shades of blue and purple that I adore them madly together, but I ended up giving it away to someone who loved (and needed) it more.

I never wore this much as a regular scarf, but I think I will get quite a bit of wear from it as an infinity scarf.

It looks very different depending on how you drape it because the pattern is a wide repeat stripe that only partially shows on either side of the scarf.

 The finished dimensions of the original scarf were 6.5" by 55.5"

I think it breaths new life into this simple cotton tank shirt. I will be wearing it with a black cardigan and skirt. The extra pop of color will be just what this ensemble needs!

(Supervisor fiercely guarding the warm spot in front of the heater.)