Wacky World of Shrinky Dink Experimentation - Day 4

Well now what we have here is a failure to restrain one's self.

The colors, I am afraid, are NOT going to agree with the shrinking. I started out okay. Used the too dark inks on the back and diluted the dren out of them with the blender and a rag.

Then came time to paint the front.

And this happened.
Methinks I should just find a jewelry friendly medium that I can go hog wild on with no regard for pre and post baking color intensity.

Oh well.


This was the first go. I am super tired and it is past my bedtime but I wanted to do something crafty today. Hopefully this will turn out okay. Oh I will put the holes in tomorrow. I would just jack it up if I tried tonight.

In other craft related news:

Michael's is having another half-off sale so I went bounding in after work fully prepared to buy a pastel marker set but they were sold out. :-(
They said maybe they will get some more on Friday. The coupon will still be good. However my buget, not so much...

I got one of my Interwebs supply orders and have to send some stuff back. The quality just was not there. I had to buy a hundred of several things which is way too much. I'm kind of bummed because I had planned to sell some of the raw supply overage on Etsy - as well as some of the stuff I plan to make.

I placed a replacement order for some of it from Rio Grande so my budget is shot again. I couldn't replace it all because RG just didn't have the findings for prices anywhere near what I can afford. But Fusion Beads has some drool worthy affordable stuff...

And let us not talk about the white balance problem with these pictures. I claim fatigue. Yeah, that's it. Fatigue.


Dave Robertson said...

Talk about looking for affordable findings -- Rings & Things is where I work (full disclosure), and provides wholesale pricing even for smallish quantities. You might enjoy checking out our online store. We're also bringing our bead shows to S. California in late October.


at Rings & Things

lorrwill said...

ACK! You realize this makes you sort of a crack dealer, don't you?
I will check out your store ;-)

Dave Robertson said...

I know, I know, right down to the little vials of "seed beads". :-0 But our company really tries to be ethical about it...we do charge tax when applicable!

Take care,


Dot said...

hey! i saw your message on myshrinky post. Email me with the problems you're having and what you've tried. blogger Heather recommended "Crystal Effects" from Stampin' Up or Glossy Accents from the craft store. but it may totally depend on your ink. Email me @ dot at dabbled dot org :)

good luck!

Oh2122 said...

Hi! I followed you back!

You know, this is actually how I've found some of my favorite bloggers.

I'v ben dying to try shrinky Dinks, I just can't seem to find the sheets at either of the Michael's near me. I have to order some.

I really like what you've done so far. Especially the dark greens. Then again, my office/craft space is painted the deepest hunter green I could find at Home Depot!